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Destin Seafood Festival - Destin Harbor

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A shift constitutes 8 volunteers therefore you will need to have eight people working the entire shift. Teams may be split to work or cover areas in need. The locations in need of volunteer assistance will be soda booths, beer/wine booths, cleanup, recycling and supervisor shifts.

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This is a first come first serve basis. The shifts requested are not guaranteed.


The 39th Annual Destin Seafood Festival is a great opportunity to give back to the heart, heritage, and history of our community. Your volunteer participation is crucial to the success of the event!

Volunteer agreement

I have agreed to work as a volunteer of my own free will. As a volunteer, I am not an employee or agent of The Destin Seafood Festival. I understand this role does not include compensation or payment of any kind. Furthermore, I acknowledge that The Destin Seafood Festival does not offer health insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, or any such employee benefit to volunteers.

Risk agreement

I fully recognize and accept that volunteering has risks and unforeseen dangers.

Waiver, release, hold harmless, and indemnification agreement

I acknowledge that Destin Seafood Festival does not guarantee safety. I voluntarily waive, release, and hold harmless Destin Seafood Festival, its board, employees, agents, and other volunteers from all claims, accidents, injuries, or death that result from actions related to my volunteer activities. I understand that this document disqualifies me from recovering damages against Destin Seafood Festival should I be injured during my duties. I shall defend, hold harmless, and indemnify Destin Seafood Festival, its board, employees, agents, and other volunteers from and against all claims, accusations, notices, judgments, rulings, liabilities, expenses, etc. that may exist because of my actions, inactions, errors, acts, or omissions.

Volunteer Rules and Regulations

  • You must check in at the volunteer tent 30 minutes prior to your shift. (Volunteer tent is located next to Dewey Destin’s in the city park.)
  • Parking is always limited. Park and ride is strongly encouraged. Shuttle service will be provided at Big Kahuna's Water and Adventure Park and at Target in Destin. Shuttle sites are subject to change, please refer to the Parking & Maps page and/or our Facebook page to confirm. Please plan accordingly for the time it will take to park and get to the event site.
  • The event is entirely outside. Please make sure to dress accordingly.
  • Make sure your volunteers are aware that they will be sitting and standing for a total of 4 hours.
  • Food and beverages will be available for purchase. NO ALCOHOL CONSUMPTION IS PERMITTED DURING YOUR SHIFT.
  • You are not allowed to solicit for donations or contributions of any kind. Gratuities collected are contributions to the festival.
  • Festival t-shirts are NOT complimentary.
  • You must make sure that your area is clear of all trash, or any other materials that should not be there.


We would like to extend the opportunity for you to earn money for your organization. This year we will be offering $250 per organization. To be eligible you must:

  • Have 8 people working an entire shift. Teams may be split to work areas needed.
  • You may have information flyers about your organization. You must remove your info after your shift is complete.
  • You may wear clothing that advertises your organization and/or give away promotional or informational items.

I have read and fully understand the above waiver. I understand that by agreeing document I am accepting certain duties.

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